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iKNiTO Suite is a platform which provides a number of products which are all related to achieving both excellence and simplicity in knowledge management.

iKNiTO runs on browsers of multiple platforms and computers from large desktops to small smart devices.




We encourage creativity and ingenuity in all our processes, systems, products, and services.

Passion for Excellence

We ensure that we meet the highest international standards in all aspects.


In the conduct of our business, we will be guided by what is ethical, fair, and right.


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Our Products and Services

iKNiTO is a comprehensive digital library solution. It is a state of the art product which uses the latest in software design and technology and information management in order to provide a simple,unique and yet rich interface to all of an institution’s information as well as information beyond the institution’s library.

iKNiTO JS, is a Journal Publishing and Management Platform developed to regulate and facilitate circulation of the articles and their related information in scientific and university publishing systems.

iKNiTO Space, is powered by Dspace which is the software of choice for academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations building open digital repositories. It is easy to install and completely customizable to fit the needs of any organization.

iKNiTO CS, is a comprehensive conference and scientific fair and gathering management system. It address both scientific and operational aspects of the event as well as covers all steps and activities in such events.

iKNiTO JVAL, is a unique total solution designed for national or regional organizations responsible for monitoring and evaluation of their scientific presses. It allows stakeholders to examine each of the scientific publications and rank based on the specifications of the organization.

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