About Us - Notionwave Inc.

NotionWave is the result of our nearly three decades of experience in offering journals and books as well as various databases to institutions in the Middle East and North Africa. It all started with print books and journals and gradually over the last three decades has given way to online resources and various digital library  tools and search engines in order to let researchers, students, and anyone within those institutes to be able to search and find the latest information and research findings.

NotionWave was formally established in Toronto, Canada in September 2012. Our suite of products are some of the best in knowledge management. They are all integrated which makes them very unique.

Content Partners

There are many small as well as national institutes in various countries that collect and/or own local content. Examples include K12 resources used by various educational authorities, local research papers repositories, historical contents, local university presses, and much more. If you are one of such institutes, we would like to discuss with you possibility of offering your content and acting as your press. We work closely with Cross Ref which gives your content much more exposure.

Publisher Partners

We believe through our partnership with publishers we will be able to provide a wealth of information to everyone who needs them. Currently, most publishers are quite accustomed to providing their online books, journals and other resources at an institutional level, such as a site license to a university. This will give unlimited access by everyone affiliated to that university to the content. During the last decade, this model has been a predominant way for letting university students, researchers, as well as professors and at times alumni (to a lesser extent) to use resources.

By partnering with NotionWave, publishers will be entering into a completely new market, even if they have already had some individual or members subscriptions. We invite publishers to partner with NotionWave with the objective of taking their resources to thousands of individuals who need them. We have a special digital library (KNiTO) for individuals.

Technology Partners

Technology refers to both hardware and software. In other words we invite companies with devices that  could fit within our framework to join us. This framework has two important aspects. It aims at individuals, and it must add to the end users knowledge.

However, we expect to build up a much more extensive software partnership. Once again we would like to work closely with software developers who aim at individuals and help to add to an individual’s knowledge. From training, elearning, and educational products to highly specialized lab and research software, and many more, could all be considered.

Telecom operators (3G, 4G, LTE) are our natural partners and we would like to discuss with them. In recent years we are seeing a growing offering of special packages by operators of mobile services in various countries. Telecom operators are competing to expand their penetration. NotionWave has a solution for this. By partnering, together we can offer mobile services together with knowledge-based services as part of one package.

Sales Partners

Reaching institutions and individuals means a great deal of back end technologies in terms of services and support and use of social media for marketing. However, we always welcome a show of interest to collaborate with NotionWave.

Please email us at nwinfo@notionwave.com