Assessment Based Learning

LRNiTO is our flagship elearning product which can be used as an exam maker, or as part of any compatible learning system

Question Bank

Notion Wave

Create and grow a well organized question bank with answers. They can be tagged with many features including your curricullum subjects and topics, level of difficulty, type of question and more.

Exam Maker

Notion Wave

Use questions from your question bank to create exams, or let LRNiTO do it for you. Embed exams in digital books and coursewares. Take exams, mark, and show reports all automatically. Exams can be online or in print form. All can be graded automatically.


Student Based Learning

Notion Wave

Let LRNiTO assess what a student needs to learn. Before start of any exam, it shows content which are related to the topic of the exam for a quick review. After the exam, LRNiTO offers various contents such as videos and short courses that the student needs to learn to improve his or her shortcomings.

Friends and Groups

Notion Wave

LRNiTO does not have classroom and does not put all students into a single or multiple classrooms. Instead, it lets teachers create groups of students based on whatever criteria the teacher sees fit. This way, teachers can work with each group based on their needs.


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