Knowledge Management Suite

Digital Library, Repository, Journal and Conference Systems, and AI-Based Recommendation System

Digital Library

Notion Wave

This is an advanced digital library for use by universities and research centers with many online books, journals, databases, as well as audio, video, datasets, etc.


Digital Repository

Notion Wave

iKNiTO Space is our digital repository which is based on Dspace from DuraSpace. Notion Wave is a Listed Service Provider of DuraSpace.


Journal Management System

Notion Wave

iKNiTO Journal Management System is a complete solution for your journal publishing. it defines roles and responsibilities similar to the real people who are involved in such publishers.


Journal Evaluation System

Notion Wave

We have built iKNiTO JVAL for major regional or national bodies who are responsible for evaluation of journals published by universities and research centers under their umbrella.


Conference Management System

Notion Wave

iKNiTO Conference Management System is an academic conference and gathering management system. It covers all expected tasks from such a system, from announcing a conference, call for papers, selection, invitations, exhibition, student contests, and accommodations.



Notion Wave

iKNiTO Research (aka Academic Recommender) is a state of the art product which uses a large volume of data (over 230 million records) about published works (Open Access and Subscribed), Artificial Intelligence, and latest computer software technologies in order to create a research system.

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